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Post  PizzDrunk Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:22 am

These are just a few things we here at DWMG want our members to know before they become a part of the family.


1. Must be active. We don't want members who are gonna show up randomly once every 2 weeks. Get the fuck out of here if that's what you think is gonna happen.
2. Must be active on the forums. If you're joining in on anything with the rest of the clan, and you sound oblivious as to what is going on, that was clearly mentioned in the forums... You're an idiot, and you don't belong here. (We have no tolerance for idiocy)
3. Respect other clan members, this is an obvious. We aren't uptight cry baby bitches (except for GUMP). We like smart ass remarks as much as the next guy, but if you're out of line or completely disrespectful to any other members, then most likely, your bitch ass will be kicked to the curb.
4. No racial slurs.
5. Just don't be a fuckin idiot, Thanks.

Well that's pretty much it on the rules. I'll probably add another one here and there when I notice a member doing something stupid and worthy enough of being added to this list. DWMG isn't some prude goody two-shoes prissy clan. We recruit mature people, and we use mature language Smile... If you have children or are just afraid of reading content like this yourself... Then please, do us all a favor, and just get the fuck out of here. Very Happy K thanks.

One last thing. DWMG works as a TEAM... say it with me... TTTEEEEEAAAAAMMMM... very good!! Very Happy If you fail to work with us as a team, then once again, your bitch ass will be kicked to the curb. WELL Very Happy have a nice day, and if you think this is the place for you, then please, feel free to apply for a spot in our clan.

~Clan Leader/Smartass~ [DWMG]PizzDrunk

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